Curating for Advanced Practices CAP

Curating for Advanced Practices

Today’s transdisciplinary understanding of art and culture results from the intrinsic expansion of artistic practices. At the same time, social changes and identity politics dissolve conventional notions of periphery and center. Requirements for artistic productions are changing and audiences are expanding.


With these developments, the curator’s field of activity is also changing. The classic exhibition is enhanced or even replaced by innovative lecture series, publications, discussions, workshops, film screenings or digital formats.


The Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation organizes an annual curator’s program with the aim of developing new strategies and structures and negotiating implementation issues. The concept derives from the meaning of curating, according to which it has a deep understanding of social challenges as well as artistic processes and methods and is not limited to an artistic branch or a professional discipline. The program’s fields of action are production conditions, the need for financing and contemporary forms of mediation and participation of stake holders and other target groups.


With changing thematic focuses, the transdisciplinary program is designed by a group of four to ten experts from artistic and non-artistic fields (including other industries and science). The program takes place in the Künstlerdorf during the period of about one or two weeks in July. During this time, lectures will be given and content discussed. There are some public program units and presentations, such as exhibitions, musical contributions or readings. A publication will appear on the program.