The Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation supports international artists and authors by organizing an Artist-in-Residence program. Grant holders are able to focus on their work without time or financial pressure.

installation: Stefanie Manhillen, photo: Seweryn Zelazny
installation: Gili Avissar, photo: Meike Reiners
Current Fellows

Visual Arts

Gili Avissar, Anisia Affek, Kaaren Beckhof, Steve Braun, Felipe Castelblanco, Albert Coers, Noncedo Gxekwa, Juliane Maria Hoffmann, Lisa Hoffmann, Jeanpy Kabeya, Carsten Lisecki, Ashley Middleton, Stefanie Manhillen, Camilo Pàchon, Aurélie Pertusot, Arian Bagheri Pour Fallah, Alke Reeh, Pia von Reis, Asja Schubert, Gudrun Staiger/Rudi Beutinger, Géraldine Tobe, Natalia Wehler



Jim Igor Kallenberg, Wingel Mendoza, Benjamin Osborn


Current Fellows


Shirin Barghnavard, Anke Dörsam, Karin Hueck, Cornelia Hülmbauer, Darshita Jain, Giuliana Kiersz, Ksenya Kumm, Nina Lörken, Rea Mair, Ronya Othmann, Dorothee Riese, Maria Rojas, Sandra Rosas, Christian Schattat, Wjatscheslaw Kuprijanow



The Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation awards around 40 residency grants in the fields of visual arts, literature and experimental composition each year. A total of around 800 artists and authors have been fellows since the Künstlerdorf was founded in 1989. The grants are linked to a stay in the Künstlerdorf which can last between two and six months each. They are open for application without any restrictions in regards to nationality or age. Grant holders are selected by expert juries, which are organized on a rotating basis.


The program of the Künstlerdorf offers opportunies to gain insights into artistic processes and to have a personal exchange with the fellow artists, writers and musicians. In addition to the ongoing events, the Künstlerdorf organizes the annual curator’s program CAP, with the aim of developing contemporary strategies and structures for artistic productions and to negotiate implementation issues.


Residencies of the year, the ongoing program and the curatorial project are documented in our annual publicaton. Artist’s editions are made to support the work of the Künstlerdorf.


In order to facilitate the exchange of grant holders beyond their residency, the alumni program offers the option of visiting the Künstlerdorf as a guest or to participate in later projects. This option is available by arrangement or by invitation.