Application 2023

I am applying for:
Visual Arts Literature Composition

My Informations

Artistic / Literary / Musical Work

Please answer the following questions

In order to apply please upload the following documents
(only as one PDF document, max.20MB, in German or English)

The PDF must include:

  1. artist statement (max. 1/2 A4 page)
  2. short biography (max. 1/2 A4 page)
  3. project for the residency grant (max. 3 A4 pages):
    Please refer as specifically as possible to the Künstlerdorf with its infrastructure and its surroundings (if relevant). It is important for the jury to see to what extent you have dealt with the place and its potentials. Even if derivations from the original plan are allowed, it should be clear here which ideas and expectations are directed towards the Künstlerdorf.
  4. CV in German or English (max. 3 A4 pages)
  5. Portfolio with previous works / text samples / scores
    If you want to show audiovisual works, like videos or sounds, please list them in the pdf file and link them to a online platform (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.).

Previous Residence